"Smile it'll save a life","Love unconditionally","Simply be kind to each other"


Founder / CEO

Name: Alvis Afanador

Title: Founder of @Papa's Runners

Email: alvis@papasrunnersteam.com

Phone: (305) 316-7627

About @Papa's Runners

A team dedicated to making a difference one step at a time and now through one product at a time. @Papa's Runners continues giving back not only through Charity miles and/or charity events, but now through the team store, 10% of each products total sales will be donated to charity, We've envisioned an entirely new approach to unleashing generosity in the Charity community. It's called @Papa's Runners Team and it helps change how giving back is experienced, how it's structured, how it's sustained, talked about and how it works.

Every time anyone makes a purchase they'll be giving back through their purchase, as we all know that every step counts no matter how far, every purchase counts no matter how much.

Don't want to purchase anything but still would like to help the cause? We accept donations as well.

It's not in the dollar amount of the donations it's that you've taken a step to help out and we appreciate it dearly. Donations and Proceeds to and from the @Papa's Runners Team sales will also go to continue the battle one step at a time, Charity running events, as well as to Bring Awareness to Suicide Prevention as well as other charities. This is in addition to the 10% that will be donated to a Charity organization or a few Charity Organizations.

Every 3 Months we will post total amount given to what charity, a picture of the transaction and to whom, cause we believe transparency is everything.

The team was formed in January 23rd, 2016 by Alvis Afanador Sr after his Suicide Attempt and in honor of his father, mentor and coach Willy "Papa" Medina whom passed away from Cancer in October of 2015. Together their Charity miles team has an Impressive 8100 plus miles to date donated towards Charity and each member bring their own special input to the team.

With only 19 members they continue to pound the pavements and appreciate each and every member no matter how many miles or in the length of time it takes them to do it, as they run for the charity of their choice, Our main focus is making a difference one action at a time, Smile it'll save a life, Love unconditionally, and simply Be kind to each other... get out and move.

A SPECIAL BIG THANK YOU to the Charity miles team members below as well as to all who take the time to like/ Follow and Share our Mission.

Humble Beginings...

Wilfredo "Papa" & Mary Medina

Born on January 23rd, 1954 to a single mother named Gloria in Miami Florida, Willy was the oldest of 3 siblings. He went to Central and Madison middle school and Robert E. Lee high school. It was there in high school where one day he met this beautiful, yet shy girl by the name of Mary. Little did he know that he would go on to date this beautiful shy girl, nor that he would be married to his first and only true love and high school sweetheart Mary for 40+ years.

Willy has always been a care taker so naturally he went on to...

Willy "Papa" Medina

Mary Medina

Why we do it!


A few pictures of what we do, and about our days here at @papa's Runners








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Want to help others while you're helping yourself? Then join us, where together we can help do our part to giving to charities that will help others in need. We can all do this one step at a time.

Send us a message and we'll glady help you start helping others.